Welcome to Holloway Baptist Church in Deville, LA!

Welcome to Holloway Baptist Church in Deville, LA!

Welcome to Holloway Baptist Church in Deville, LA!Welcome to Holloway Baptist Church in Deville, LA!

Modified Services for Weekly Worship


Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we will not be having Sunday School, Sunday evening or Wednesday night services until further notice.  We will be having our regular Sunday morning services beginning at 10:00 AM and will be doing it "Front Porch Style".

We will have speakers setup outside of the sanctuary and everyone can enjoy worship and the sermon from the parking lot in their vehicles.  We will no longer be allowing the use of lawn chairs as we did at first, so please stay in your vehicle the entire time.  Please keep in mind that the recommended distance is 6 feet between your self and your neighbor.

What if the weather calls for rain?  Come on out to the parking lot and tune your car radio to 107.3 FM to listen to the service.  We've had a generous donation to our church for use of an FM Transmitter so we can broadcast the service loud and clear anywhere in our parking lot.  The range only reaches out to 0.5 mile but it works great in the parking lot!  Special thanks to Mr. Ellis Lott for helping us with this!

If you are not able to make it in person, we've provided several ways to listen to our services.  

Option #1:

You can listen to an audio recording of the service at:


*Note: The podcast is not live, but will be available later Sunday afternoon.  

Option #2:

For Facebook users you can watch a live stream video of the service on Facebook at:


*Note:  If you miss the live stream, the video will be recorded and accessible after the service has finished.

Thanks to Anna Richerson for recording the video and posting to our Facebook site!

Option #3:

Connect with us via ZOOM conference.  You can download the ZOOM App or click on this link

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 315 309 558

*Note:  We're going to try to use the ZOOM app to display the words to the music.  Currently, we're having issues with getting the audio to work with the words due to feedback with the sound system, so if you're joining us in the parking lot you can look at the words on your phone while hearing the service on your radio tuned to 107.3 FM or through the speakers from the front porch.  Another way to use this is if you are at home is to look at the words on ZOOM and then watch us live on our Facebook page.  We'll continue to work on trying to figure out a way to get the words and the audio to display on ZOOM.

Be safe, use good judgement, and please keep praying for all affected by this virus.

Bible Studies during COVID-19

Young Adults Bible Study


Our Young Adults will be continuing our Bible Study with Francis Chan called:  Basic.Who is God? 

We will begin at 2:00 PM each Sunday afternoon.  To do this we're using the ZOOM app.  You can join the meeting by clicking on: 


The way this works is we'll watch a short video and then have some discussion time afterwards.  

We might take a short break after an hour and then rejoin to continue since the free ZOOM subscription only allows 40 minutes of meeting time when you have a group over three.  The meeting will be restarted after the break and we'll continue for another 40 minutes or until we're done.

Our Service Times

Listen to our services

Listen to our services

Listen to our services


We record all of our worship services every week.  If you missed a service, you can find it here!

About Us

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Listen to our services


If you're looking for a church home or new to our community, see what HBC is all about!

Mission Organizations

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Mission Organizations


See the missions work that HBC is involved in.


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